15 May Deadline.jpg

If you were registered with a tax agent by 31 October 2018 the final day for lodgment of your tax return is TODAY. If you are a company or super fund, your tax payment is also due today*.

Where you were not registered with a tax agent your lodgment deadline was 31 October 2018.

In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a concessional due date of 5 June if your original due date is 15 May, however both of the following criteria must be met:

- you are not liable to pay tax or you received a refund in the latest year lodged, and;

- you are not liable to pay tax or you will receive a refund in the current year

Failure to meet these deadlines may mean you are liable to pay a late lodgment penalty. From 1 July 2017 penalties are calculated at $210 for each 28-day period that surpasses the due date.

*Where paying by Bpay, the ATO encourages payments to be made 3-5 business days before your due date to avoid unnecessary delays.